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Why is it Important to Share What We Find?

September 13, 2023

Why share what you know?

Sharing what we find is important so that other people know more about their water quality and the health of the land in their community – something that effects us all. In the scientific world, it also helps us fact check our work. It is important to see something from multiple perspectives in order to get the best understanding of what is possible and what data may mean for people.

Ways to share information:

Tell stories- Talk to peers, elders and loved ones about what you notice in the landscape. Stories often are more effective in communication than simply sharing data.

Tell stories using technology- Make a video, presentation, or online content sharing what you’ve learned or engaged in.

Organize data- Turn data into information by summarizing trends.

Make a story map with your data on ArcGIS

How Do I Turn Data Into Information for Better Decision Making?

  1. Prepare based on your audience interests
  2. Find good ways to display data, making it easier to  make decisions on how to protect your waters.
  3. Dive in and look for patterns and make summary calculations (let us know if you need help with this) that help you understand and communicate the data collected during the assessment.
  4. Graph and make summary tables or pie charts of the data based on standards/benchmarks
  5. Describe the data with short statements of “findings” either written down or shared in discussion.