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Watershed Academy~Job Pathways for Water and Climate Resilience

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We want to give you your money!

At the beginning of the internship you receive a timesheet to track all of your hours in. At the end of the internship you turn that sheet in for your paycheck. Payment is received at the end of the internship about X weeks after completion.

Digital version of your time log: You may keep a digital track as well incase you lose your physical copy.

River Source intern fillable timesheet

DIRECTIONS: When filling out your timesheet, make sure to write the date, how many hours you worked that day and a short description of what you did that day. Please fill this out at the end of each day. (You can wait until the end of each week, but you are unlikely to remember what you did each day and you might mis-count your hours). It is best to keep up with the timesheet so that you don’t accidentally get underpaid!