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How to be a Good Team Member

September 13, 2023

What are the characteristics of being a good team member?

Show up, Participate, Communicate

Show up:

Showing up when and where you need to be: This is vital. Respect other people’s time by showing up when they expect you. If you can’t make it on time or make it all for some reason, let people know so they don’t wait up.


Be an active participant: In collaborative work, everyone needs to pitch in. Unequal distribution may cause disputes, miscommunication, and resentments.  Keep up with the team, and if you are having a hard time or need a break then talk to your leader or supervisor, it is important to listen to your body.

Be a self-starter:  Each person may be assigned different tasks. To be a self starter, be someone who proactively looks for what needs to be done and can start work without being told to (unless you need more information, then take the initiative to ask!). Even in group work you have to take initiative to get projects done.

Stay focused: It’s easy to get distracted! However, staying on task is a must so that the project can be done efficiently and on time. Losing track of focus can become unsafe.


Being a good listener: Listening is an important part of communicating. When someone is speaking stay focused; face the speaker and don’t interrupt. Respecting yourself and your coworkers is key to successful communication. You must treat each other with respect to keep healthy and balanced relationships with your peers and crews.

Have empathy: Everyone has something going on that others may not be aware of. Be understanding towards your team members – it is always better to be kind and considerate.

Giving constructive feedback:  Is what you are suggesting actually possible? Think about the way you are speaking to someone when giving them criticism, make sure you have good intentions or you can negatively effect someone’s self image.

Show up, Participate, Communicate!