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✴️What is a Watershed?

February 14, 2023

 Know Your Watershed – it is Where Your Water Comes From

A watershed is an area of land that drains or “sheds” water into a specific body of water. Every body of water has a watershed. Watersheds collect rain and snowmelt into rivers and streams. These smaller bodies of water flow into larger ones, including lakes and oceans. We all rely on watersheds for our water supply. We all live in a watershed.

Arroyos, creeks, streams, and rivers that result at the lowest point in basins are often connected to the higher lands in the watershed via groundwater in addition to surface flow.  Learning about your watershed is a way of having more information to help protect your water supply.

Watch the video below to understand what a watershed is:

The three images below show different ways to depict a watershed with the two black and white ones showing the same Glorieta watershed.