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Watershed Academy~Job Pathways for Water and Climate Resilience

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Job Pathways in Environmental Science and Protection

September 13, 2023


                                                             Make a difference 

                       Humans can choose to have positive or negative impacts. We want you to have tools to make a positive impact.

          Finding the right work for many people means getting training and exposure to try things out. This is your time to have the courage to find out what you’re best at. 

       Many young people these days are taking initiative to make positive changes in their environments and lives, even though it’s a lot of work. Showing up as a good example is how we can show others the way to take care of our land and resources so that we all get to enjoy it for generations to come. Traditional knowledge and science needs to be combined to grow the next generation of land and water protectors. Will you step up to being this next generation?   

                                                                                 What’s a Green Job?

You don’t have to be outdoors to work in the environmental field, policy, digital support and communications is a big part of how organizations operate, so if you like technology, these jobs are for you too! Check out this list of possible jobs you can have in the environmental field: 

Attaining these jobs usually mean going to school first, but most of the time certifications and experience will get you just as far. Consider getting certified through OSHA in workplace safety, Wilderness First Aid, Chainsaw Safety, or Drone Operation. Create experience using mapping software, like ArcGIS and using public databases. Just like any job, a green job requires you to have hiring desirability. How do you make yourself a desirable candidate? Here are some tips

Build a good Resume:

Focus on listing your traits and skills

Ask teachers, spiritual leaders or other community members if you can use them as a reference

List your past experience with detail- talk about your job duties and what you gained

List other projects that you’ve been involved in, it can be anything that shows how you’ve spent your time