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Watershed Watch Community Science

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Collection and data gathering

September 4, 2020
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Most students collect their water samples with school mates in a school-sponsored field trips.  You might find yourself in that kind of group or with a buddy doing sampling by yourself.  Please know that good data collection requires some preparation prior to going outdoors to collect your sample.  Make sure your instruments have functional batteries and the pH, TDS, and turbidmeters are calibrated since it is real bummer to make time to get to the river and not have reliable instruments.   Also make sure your glassware is clean and you have back up batteries in case the ones in the instrument fails.

The possibility of interference with good sampling collection can occur by NOT following the instructions, contamination of river water by people wading in the stream, or bring out instruments that are not working.

Make sure to pack a field data collection form Stream Chemistry Form 2018