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How to share the information about what you have learned?

April 20, 2022

There are many ways to share the information you learned from the elder you interviewed and perhaps the most important is to keep the stories alive by talking to family members about what you learned.  If you’re going to share with people outside the family, it’s very important that you have the permission to share the stories before doing that.

Some school projects have students write a description about what they learned during an elder interview.

In the case of the May School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, students shared some of what they learned in the school hallway and in presentations to other students. Other schools such as San Ildefonso School has done the sharing simultaneously with the interviews by having several elders come to the class and answer questions at the same time.  The primary goal is to give elders opportunities to share their stories and give people a chance to listen, reflect and learn from them.

Click here for an example of an elder interview from the May School.