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Protecting Community Values in a Changing World

September 13, 2023

What are community values?

Community value are beliefs, customs or traditions that are specific to each community. These include celebrations, clothing, language, foods, religions, it also includes the way that people are connected to the land and how they relate to one another. A value is someone’s principal, what someone stands for or believes is important in life, so when we talk about community values we talk about what a community finds important. The connection to water and land has been important to New Mexicans for thousands of years, because without it they would not survive. The modern world we live in now has us depending on food and water being in the stores when we need it. Although there may be much more technology and ways to transport goods now, there is still only the same amount of water that there has been since dinosaur times. If values are forgotten about, we could risk being disconnected to the very systems we rely on. This is why we must find value in protecting it.

Protecting Values

When we work together, we are stronger and have more minds to think of new ideas. The best way to protect your community values is to talk to your community members about your concerns and involving them in your work. Speak to your elders to find out what they use to value and why they valued those things. Research the past and spend time outside getting to know your area.