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Watershed Academy~Job Pathways for Water and Climate Resilience

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How to create a community presentation on what I learned?

February 14, 2023

Tell Your Story

On the last day of the Watershed Academy you will get a chance to share a presentation on one of the issues that your crew addressed. All interns will create a digital presentation using the geomapping platform ArcGIS and present it to the community. You will have time in the last week to work on this presentation, but remember that pictures and notes you take throughout the work period will come in handy.

Let’s get started!

Follow these instructions to create your own story map:

  1. Create an online Esri account. Go to this link>> Click “Sing in” > Click “Create an ArcGIS public account” where it says “no account?”  at the bottom. The link should take you to this page:
  2. Use your Information to create a new account. Use an email that you can check because you will have to verify it. Remember to write down your password (like in your journal or phone) so that you don’t forget it.
  3. Click on “Product” >Click on “All Products” >Scroll down to “Apps” and click on “ArcGIS StoryMaps”
  4. Click “Sign in” If it makes you sing in again, enter your information, but it will likely just take you there if you’re already signed in.
  5. Click on “New Story” in the top right corner >Click on “start from scratch”
  6. Start creating your story! remember to hit “Publish” up at the top whenever you finish entering information. This is the only way your work will get saved, otherwise you will lose it.
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