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✴️Telling Your Story in a Community Presentation

February 14, 2023

Tell Your Story

At the end of the Watershed Academy you will have the chance to share a presentation on one of the issues that your crew addressed. We understand many people are intimidated by presentations – we will help you and you will have a chance to practice! All interns will create a digital presentation using the geomapping platform ArcGIS and present it to their friends, family and partners that worked with us this summer. Time will be provided in the last week to work on this presentation but every day is an opportunity to gain inspiration/ information for your presentation.

These are the elements of the presentations you will be making:

Introduce yourself
Who you are, where are you from? Why did you apply for this program? What motivates you to protect water and land (see your notes from Week One in your journal).

Topic Description (choose 1 of the 2 formats below–if your topic doesn’t quite work with these formats, see your crew leader or supervisor for direction).

If your topic is a “How To” Topic:

  • Describe your topic and how it fits in with what your team worked on.
  • Then describe one thing that you learned how to do and explain how that action/activity makes a difference to our environment and communities. What are the steps involved?

If your topic is a “Problem/Solution” topic (like soil erosion at a particular project site, etc.):

  • Describe the problem–and how it fits in with what your team worked on–what variables make the problem worse?
  • Discuss specific solutions to solve the problem or reduce the problem.
  • Let your audience know why addressing the problem matters.

Here are some Story Maps made by Watershed Academy interns in the past: Click on each example to get an idea about how to format yours.