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✴️Getting on Board for Your Internship

August 30, 2023

Before you Begin:

The documents below are required to complete if you are offered a work-based learning internship. Please download, fill out and sign each document, and send them to River Source as soon as possible to ensure you have secured your internship position (email them to Anna@riversource.net).  Only when all of the documents have been completed and received will you have secured the internship.

Note: If you age 15 or younger, please fill out the Work Permit.  If you are 16 years old or older you DO NOT need to complete the Work Permit.

  1. Intern Agreement 2024
  2. Emergency Contact & Health Information Form
  3. Liability Release PIE and River Source 2021
  4. W9 form (this is needed for you to be paid your stipend)
  5. I9 form (this is required to legally show you are eligible for work)
  6. Work Permit Certificate 2021 Form- (only fill this out if you are age 15)

To download all of the 2024 required forms in one packet, click here.